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Stop working for your EHR. Make it work for you.
Predict & Prioritize

Clinical Deterioration
Early Warning & Workflow

Guide care teams to the highest-risk patients using industry-leading, FDA-cleared AI combined with actionable, embedded decision support for all-cause clinical deterioration.
Standardize & Improve

Highly-Integrated & Adaptable Guidance

Give care teams immediate access to the most updated protocols, streamlining order entry and documentation directly in their workflows.
Patient Encounters
Clinical Users

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We support over-burdened clinical teams by addressing the fundamental frustrations of delivering care. In doing so, our platform ensures consistent, high-quality outcomes.
& Validated
Rely on tested tools and proven results with 80 medical journal publications.
Rapid, Seamless Implementation
Deploy at scale in days to weeks, not months to years, to make an impact sooner.
Reporting & Benchmarking
Understand and drive practice patterns at the health system, facility, unit, and provider level.
Seamless EHR Integration
Embed clinical decision support into your existing workflow
Rapid Implementation at Scale
Deploy in days to weeks, not months to years
Reporting & Benchmarking
Understand and drive practice patterns
Predict & Prioritize


FDA Cleared Clinical Deterioration Early Warning & Workflow
For every hour of delayed ICU transfer, the odds of hospital mortality increase 3%. When high-risk patients are transferred in a timely manner, their associated length of stay decreases by 2 days.
Our partner health systems use eCART to improve these preventable outcomes, empowering their nurses and providers with better information on patient status, more support with an acuity-based workflow, and far fewer false alarms. Developed out of more than a decade of research and clinical implementation, our best-in-class analytic was trained and tested on nearly 3 million patient encounters from 28 hospitals across 6 health systems. It was retrospectively and prospectively validated on sepsis, COPD, CHF, and COVID populations.
eCART Score
Real-time updates
High Risk
Disposition Due
Moderate Risk
Disposition Due
Average Risk
eCART Benefits
Accurate and early risk stratification
Timely and appropriate
escalation of care
Decreased mortality, length of stay and direct variable costs
Nurse Manager
"I love the simplicity of the scoring. Love that the color is in their face when the patient rises to that level, but otherwise out of the way. So much less alarm fatigue.
Novice Nurse
"I know exactly when and how to escalate my concerns and worry because it's right at my fingertips inside eCART."
Standardize & Improve

Clinical Pathways

Highly-Integrated & Adaptable Guidance
When clinical staff struggle to adopt the most updated medical evidence and facility protocols, patient care suffers and clinical resources get strained.
Our community of leading health systems use pathways to reduce clinical variation. Pathways integrate seamlessly with native EHR workflows and are deployed quickly without having to rely heavily on IT support. Teams easily convert existing guidance or leverage AgileMD’s substantial library of shared content to develop workflows customized for local needs and goals. More than 3,350 AgileMD pathways are live at partner institutions and cover adult, pediatric, and neonate topics in ambulatory, emergency, inpatient, ICU, and women's health settings. Our partners have published over 20 journal articles on their operational and outcome achievements with AgileMD Pathways.
Pathway Capabilities
Order Directly from a Pathway
Align Order Sets and Other Decision Support
Embed Labs and Vitals from the EHR
Generate Clinical Documentation
Integrate Clinical Calculators
Link to Training and References
Clinical Pathways Benefits
Rapid deployment
and clinical consensus
Timely and appropriate diagnostics, medication and discharge
Reduced throughput, length of stay and readmissions
Chief Quality Officer,
1800+ Bed Health System
“We had developed a ton of clinical variation reduction pathways over the course of time but it was very difficult to get those into workflows. We felt they were collecting dust and not being utilized to the maximum capacity. [Pathways] really allowed us to get our evidence-based practice into practice faster and more reliably.”
Chief Quality Officer, 2,300+ Bed Health System
"We have driven adherence rates to guideline best practices through the roof with this pathway.”

Secure, pragmatic, built to the toughest CIO standards

The AgileMD Cloud CDS engine is SOC-II and HIPAA compliant with industry security architecture.

Our hosted platform requires no on-site hardware and operates behind multiple layers of protection, encryption and network security, with advanced audit logging and monitoring services. Our technical team has worked with many premier IT quality control processes and is ready to collaborate with your IT team to configure the right security framework.