Improving clinical care

Instant access to evidence-based guidelines, clinical pathways,
and predictive analytics
 everywhere clinicians need it

AgileMD's Industry-leading technology

Customized clinical pathways and workflows

Align your clinical teams with best practice care standards for your most important clinical problems. Customize evidence-based pathways or implement your own local clinical standards.

Integrated and accessible everywhere

With one click, medical directors use AgileMD to deploy updated workflows into Epic, Cerner, AthenaHealth, and mobile apps using secure, cloud-based integrations.

Improved outcomes and lower costs

Analytics monitor the adoption and adherence of care standards and allow data-driven conversations about improving patient outcomes and resource utilization, including reductions in avoidable testing, length of stay, and medical errors.

EHR Integration

AgileMD is the leading cloud-based clinical decision engine integrated with Epic Systems, Cerner, and AthenaHealth and delivers results in every major clinical service line. Learn more »

AgileMD is the only clinical decision engine and guideline platform available on every device. Learn more »

Highland Hospital Emergency Medicine

Leveraging hospital-specific guidelines and protocols to streamline patient care in critical situations. Learn more »

UCSF Infectious Disease Management Program

Creating materials to help guide antimicrobial therapy use across different hospitals. Learn more »

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