Download the UCSF Outpatient Medicine Handbook

A practical handbook for outpatient medicine. Used by physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical students of all specialties to care for common primary care complaints.
Fast and pragmatic information
This no-frills digital handbook contains need-to-know clinical information for outpatient medicine topics, including concise sections on evaluation, management, and when to refer.

Combined with the ability to instantly search content, link to calculators, view images, and jump to PubMed references, this handbook is optimized for the efficiency needed in outpatient settings. Articles contain evidence and experience-based information created by an ongoing, collaborative effort among UCSF clinicians. Download your copy today on iOS and Android.


"What sets Agile apart is the speed. Medscape, Epocrates, Skyscape, uCentral, Micromedex simply don't run as fast... The speed of loading and the speed of search [are] the best assets... When you are in a rush in the clinics the last thing you want is to wait 10-20 seconds for each load."

~ Benjamin R., UPenn, MS3


"I routinely look up conditions that my patients have on the mobile app. I find that the UCSF Outpatient Medicine Handbook provides just the right amount of detail in an easy-to-read, well-laid out, user-friendly format. I especially appreciate the "differential diagnosis" and the "when to refer" sections. The tables are well laid out."

~ Laura C., Harvard, MS3


"The general complaints section is extremely useful, and are even written clearly enough that patients could understand much of this material. I much prefer it to using UpToDate because it's better organized and really focuses on the pertinent information"

~ Steven L., UW, MS4

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