"Agile has legitimately made patient care easier this year."

~ Tarak Trivedi, Resident Physician, Highland EM

Highland Hospital Emergency Medicine

What problem were you trying to address with AgileMD?
Highland has many hospital-specific guidelines and protocols based on clinical data and learned-past mistakes to streamline patient care in critical situations. However, most of these documents used to be locked away on our intranet. Thus, in the middle of dealing with multiple simultaneous emergent situations, where every minute is critical, these were not always easily accessible. In those situations, we could either spend valuable time searching for the protocol or the protocol was not used.

Prior to AgileMD, I kept some of these protocols in Dropbox, but even that was sometimes hard to access in the internet-free areas of Highland. Other times, I would also take notes on Evernote or Gmail during conference. I found myself constantly searching in various locations for information, which was not efficient. In talking with other residents, it was clear others were also looking for a mobile tool that would consolidate all of our resources so that we wouldn’t constantly have to switch back from Evernote for note-taking to 10-second EM for treatment management to intranet for Highland specific guidelines. Also, we wanted a program that would allow us to easily update and share information within the hospital and with other healthcare providers.
What has AgileMD helped you do?
With Agile, we were able to easily upload all the resources we would need for a successful shift, including Highland-specific speed dial phone numbers, antibiotic charts, and protocols such as needlestick injury, the need for warfarin action reversal, and massive transfusion. This has been incredibly helpful in the ED, where we are constantly on-the-go.

With this new tool in hand, we also worked with the urology department to create urology consult-specific protocols. This way, when a patient presents to the ED with a urologic complaint, we know exactly which steps Urology would want us to take, including important lab tests, prior to consulting them or placing a referral. We will be doing this with other departments.
What are your goals with AgileMD in the future?
Currently, Highland emergency medicine residents as well as many ED attendings, Physician Assistants, and rotating medical students are actively using the resource. We often get inquiries from other departments wondering how they can get access or get involved. The hope is to get more departments involved to ultimately have one consolidated Highland resource, which would foster better communication between teams, and ultimately increase efficiency and patient safety.
Interested to see AgileMD in action? Let one of our experts show you how it works.